E-Commerce Photos: BazarChic.Com choses the packshotcreator solutions for the creation of product pictures

bazarchic - product pictures El Blog de Germán PiñeiroThe PackshotCreator expertise allows the famous European flash sales website Bazarchic.com to improve its creation process and decrease the costs related to photography.

These new equipments aim at improving both the workflow (user-friendliness, reactivity, speed of use…) and the creative possibilities (automatic image background removal, 360-degree animation creation, automatic multi-angle shooting…)

4 million Internet users to win over daily with thousands of product photos

Fabian Mordenti, Production Manager and Artistic Director of Bazarchic.com, explains how Bazarchic.com, specialized in luxury flash sales, has optimized its photo studios by integrating the new generation of the PackshotCreator equipment.

Six to seven brand sales in various sectors such as fashion, jewelry, home decoration, accessories, present hundreds of different products every day. The success of Bazarchic.com comes from the internalization of the photo studios that handle many product shootings.

« In order to shoot so many items with the same level of high quality, we have been using since 2009 the PackshotCreator equipments. They are particularly adapted to our needs to shoot jewelry, watches, bags, shoes, clothes, create multi-angle shootings and 360° animations ».

In May 2013, Bazarchic.com equipped its photo studio with 3 new PackshotCreator systems. This new generation of solutions for the creation of still or animated pictures has offered a significant gain in productivity in the workflow.

« It is a very simple tool, we just have to place the product, check and shoot, and the image is ready to be used. The advantages are numerous. We can therefore work faster and are more productive so that we put our products online quickly. »

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qr-bazarchic El Blog de Germán PiñeiroDiscover the backstage of the Bazarchic photo studios in video

To watch the video or to integrate it to a webpage, please follow this link

http://www.packshot-creator.com/the-blog-packshot/bazarchic-client-packshotcreator or scan our QR code.

3 new solutions used by Bazarchic.com:

PackshotCreator R3:

  • Creation of photos, multi-view photos and 360° animations
  • Lighting and backlight system technology with 4000 LEDs
  • Pictures on a pure white shadow-free background
  • Pictures on a transparent background through the automatic masking feature


  • Solution for flat shot photography of clothes, accessories
  • Light table with backlight and permanent light system pre-configured for picture shooting on a white background
  • Automatic photo masking
  • Preview controlled by tablet

PackshotMacro R

  • Solution for macrophotography: jewelry, watches, accessories…
  • Light and backlight system technology with 2000 LEDs on 6 distinct areas
  • Creation of photos, multi-views photos and 360° animations
  • Pictures on pure white, shadow-free or transparent background

About PackshotCreator

PackshotCreator is the leader of solutions for product photos and animations for e-commerce and marketing. Our range of 26 equipments and 6 softwares offers a wide response to the needs and concerns from several sectors as fashion, jewelry, electronics, furniture, foods, decoration… PackshotCreator helps companies to make their online shops more attractive and more profitable and their communication more interactive.

With 11 years of innovation and know-how, PackshotCreator has been offering solutions to more than 6000 firms and 20000 users in 35 countries such as: L’Oréal, Nivea, AlloPneus.com, Atoll, Aubade, Carphone Warehouse, Beiersdorf, Christian Louboutin, Decathlon, Dell, Essilor, Gemplus, GrandVisison, GrosBill.com, Henkel, Hermès, L’Occitane, Lancôme, Lanvin, Pfizer, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Sagem, Schneider Electric, Spartoo.com, Swatch, Thomson, Tissot, Tupperware…

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About Bazarchic

Bazarchic.com is the first flash sales website dedicated to luxury and designer items. The firm’s philosophy is an art lifestyle very « French touchy », or how to enjoy shopping without spending too much money! Bazarchic.com offers event sales with 70% off discounts, showcasing 800 collections from well-known French and international brands. With 4 million members and a 60 thousand euro turnover, Bazarchic offers sales in various sectors such as fashion, jewelry, home decoration, accessories, cosmetics, high-tech… Bazarchic.com aims at discovering new trends, new designers to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

More info on http://fr.bazarchic.com