Keywords – the essence of search engine optimization

Link Building - Marketing Online - Consultor de MarketingKeywords are the most important SEO element for each and every search engine, as these are the words for which the search strings are matched. Choosing the right keywords is therefore one of the most important and the crucial step of every SEO campaign. If you fail on this step, then the road ahead will be very bumpy and you will be only wasting your time and efforts.

There are many tools available online, which let you know about the keywords. By using these tools and doing your own research you have to make the list of the final keywords, which you have to target and the most important thing which keywords suits well to your sites.

  1. Choosing the right keywords: Gone are those days, when you could easily top the results for one-word keyword. Today, when the web is densely populated with websites, it is not at all possible to achieve a constant ranking on the top of search results for one-word keyword. Therefore, to achieve constant top ratings, it is important to focus on the two-word or long tail keywords. You must try to focus on the keywords that are less competitive and highly specific.
  2. Keyword Density: once you have chosen the right keywords according to your site and that are according to the users interest, then it is important to make your site keyword rich but avoid overusing it. It is important to maintain the keyword density on your website as Google and other search engines penalizes those websites which have overused it. The recommended density is 3-7% for major keywords and 1 to 2% for minor keywords. Besides this, you must also ensure that the keywords you incorporate in the text appear natural otherwise it would be considered as unethical practice.
  3. Keywords in special places: The quantity of keywords is not only important but the quality of the keywords also matters. The value of the keywords in the title of pages, the first paragraph and headings are more as compare to the content of the page. The reason behind this is that the sections like URL, domain names, directory names, and headings are more important than the text on the page. The keywords in URL will help you to boost up the ranking of your website.
    • Keywords in URL’s: When incorporating the keywords in URL or domain names, don’t get greedy as from SEO point of view it is better to have 5 keywords in your domain name but just imagine that how difficult it would be to remember these long tail URL’s. So, you must try to maintain the balance of keywords in your URL.
    • Keywords in page titles: The content in the title tag gets displayed in most of search engines. Though it is not mandatory to write something in title tag, you can leave it empty but it is better to write something or a relevant title within <title> tag.

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